Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Good Ole Whirlwind

It's obviously been a long time since I posted, which makes it difficult to get back on the horse and write something new. There's this internal pressure to make it meaningful and connect to my mission of this blog without wasting your time on something that just fills space. My decision today is to share a couple thoughts/happenings since I last posted and how I've made meaning of them.

1) Getting married was the most self-revealing, self-reflective, and appropriately focused time of my life. I will replay images of Kristin on that day in my head for the rest of my life and into eternity. Each person present gave a symbol of support, which will lift us up throughout our marriage.

2) Buying a house has to be one of the most humbling experiences of all time. When you realize how privileged you are to do something like this at the age of 25, you better step up, make the best of it, and not screw it up. I feel pretty small in the grand scheme of things when I think about the fact that we own something. It's ours...and it's up to us to make it thrive. No pressure.

3) Fantasy football! I already typed a lot of text, then deleted it because my expression of my love for fantasy football doesn't really make sense when I write it out. The bottom line for me is that I strongly believe that fantasy football is more than just a useless hobby. I really think that most people won't appreciate or realize the role of fantasy football in our lives until many years have passed. It breeds loyalty towards friendship and acts as a communication tool for people of all kinds. I believe I will look back on my life when I'm 75 yrs. old and notice that playing fantasy football each year with friends was one constant among many changes. There's a picture of half of the draft board from this year's live draft to the right.

4) The social environment that we had in Arlington was truly unique. One of the biggest challenges for me since coming to Harrisonburg is less accessibility to great friends. Friendships will grow, I know, and I will put effort into making that happen. But, we were so fortunate in Arlington to be so close to so many good friends. Those times set the bar very high.

5) A friend of mine, Josh Kagan, is currently serving in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica. His experiences there inspire me and I think they are worth reading. If you have time, check out his blog. He articulates himself so well and educates readers successfully through his reflections. This blog really embodies reflection in action.

Life is good. I will hopefully be posting to the blog more regularly now that things have slowed down a bit.